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About us

Hi my name is Angela. 

I am the owner and caster at Eternity Casting

Eternity Casting is an appointment only service.  Offering a wide range of casts from Baby hands and feet to family, torso and pregnancy bumps.  Eternity Casting is based in Ellon Aberdeenshire and this is where appointments are held.  A mobile service where I travel to your home can be arranged.  I am also available for mobile sessions at nurseries and playgroups.  

Our moulding powder is a natural seaweed based product called alginate which is extremely safe and conforms to all UK legislation.  The moulding powder is mixed with lukewarm water to produce a casting paste.  Alginate is a powder used by dentists to make dental impressions so is safe to use even on the littlest hands and feet.  This is where your appointments ends.  I will then fill your mould with plaster.  Once the plaster is set the mould is removed to reveal your cast.

We offer a range of different colours and finishes for your casts, which can be picked and paid for on the day of your casting.   

Your cast will be ready to be collect in 6-8 weeks

I am looking forward to meeting you and working with you all, to cast your memories for you to keep for a lifetime. Feel free to contact me to discuss any ideas you may have.


Adult clasped hand cast
Ring detail on family cast
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