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Baby Castings

Make a lasting memory of your babies tiny hands and feet

We create a beautiful white stone cast of your child’s hands and/or feet. These special casts capture ever tiny wrinkle, dimple and crease on your child’s hand/foot. They are a unique and lasting memory of your little treasure's precious early months or of your older children as they grow because we all know they don't stay little long. 

Our Casting process is completely safe.  All materials are non toxic and the processes involved are suitable from birth onwards.

The Baby Casting Service is available in our comfortable setting or in the comfort of your own home. (Travel costs and restrictions may apply)

Baby foot cast
Baby hand cast
Baby foot cast
Baby feet casting

FAQs for Baby Castings

Is the moulding material safe for my skin and for pets?

Our moulding jelly is a seaweed-based material called Alginate. This is non-toxic, biodegradable and safe for skin, including babies and pets.  It is specially formulated to create amazingly detailed, high quality body castings whilst being gentle and safe.  The products required in the casting are often used by dentists when taking casts of teeth, and so they are suitable for even sensitive skin.

At what age are children suitable for life casting?

Babies can be cast from just 2 days old. Toddlers are usually the trickiest to cast, as they are old enough to fidget, but still too young to understand that they need to stay still. For toddlers we would recommend doing a joint hand cast, where we can cast a hand hold of parent and child. Although slightly more expensive, this ensures a successful cast of your hands together.

What if my child won’t stay still for a cast?

You will never be able to tell how you baby will be on the day.  Babies will wiggle their fingers and toes and will sometimes kick whilst a cast is being taken.  If this happens on the day we can make a second casting of the foot for free on  the day just so we can be sure things turn out perfectly. 

What clothes are suitable for having a cast?

We supply a waterproof sheet to keep you covered and clean during the process, but drips to happen! We make every effort to keep tidy, but as a precaution, please wear something you don’t mind getting messy. Also we suggest not wearing tight clothes on the area you are getting cast.  Tights and socks will leave marks that will show up in in your final piece. 

What is the best time of day to take a cast of my baby/child?

The easiest time to take a cast is when the little one is relaxed, perhaps after or during feeding. We always try to ensure the environment is as comfortable as possible. Favourite toys or comforters can also help distract children and keep them occupied whilst being cast.

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