Framed Baby Hand and Foot Casts from £95

Beautiful pair of tiny hands or feet cast in white and mounted in a choice of box frame with mount. 

Free standing and base mounted hands and feet are also available

Baby foot cast

Family Cast (ring style) starting from £190

A casting in white of three/four/five… hands holding each other, symbolising the family bond.  Great fun and experience for the whole family.  Suitable for ages 4 years and up.  For children under 4 years we recommend the clasped style.  Complex rings additional*

Family hand cast

Adult Clasped Hand Cast

(couple Cast) £160

A casting in white of two clasped hands.  A couple casting is a great gift to celebrate Weddings, Engagements and Anniversaries.  Suitable from friends, family and couples.  Complex rings additional *

Couple Cast

One Hand cast from £90

Single white hand in white stone. 

have your cast done holding an object for an additional cost. Complex rings additional*

Single hand cast

Family Clasped hand cast starting from £180

A casting in white of three/four/five… hands clasped together, symbolising the family bond.  Great fun and experience for the whole family.  Complex rings additional*

Family hand cast

Pregnancy Cast from £180

A beautiful white stone cast of your baby bump. 

Hands can be included for an additional cost

Pregnancy Cast

Arm in Arm cast £170

Arm in Arm cast in white stone.

Hold on to one another forever.    Complex rings additional*

Torso Casts

Torso casts small. medium and large

Please contact us for an individual quote

Kiss Cast from £35

Have your kiss set in stone.  Great gift for your loved one.

Framed from £50

Dog Paw Cast from £35

Perfect paws

Have your favourite 4 legged friend cast in white stone. 

price will depend on breed.  Suitable fir well behaved dogs

Metallic Finishes from £20

All casts come in a white stone finish.

We offer a range of different colours and finishes available at an additional cost.  From Bronzes, Gold and Silvers to Antique finishes. 

If you want a paint finish you can let us know the day of your casting

Cast colour choices

Bases and frames from £20

A range of wooden frames, bases  and slate bases are available at an additional cost.  Please discuss this with us on the day of your casting. 

Additional casting services are available and include children hand and foot prints contact us. 
Contact us for a quote or if you have any ideas of your own you wish to discuss

**All prices given are for classic white.  Paint finishes are additional.  These begin at £20 for polished finished and £30 for antique finishes**

*You may include two simple rings. Complex or additional rings will be charged according to difficulty of reproduction.

Pricing Disclaimer: Please be aware all prices given are estimates and may be subject to change. Estimated prices will be confirmed before your booking over the phone, and secured via deposit.

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