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Hello and welcome to Eternity Casting

Hi I'm Angela, Since leaving school many years ago I have worked mainly in the care sector. I was a nanny for many years before becoming a support worker with adults with learning difficulties. I still work part time as a support worker but found myself looking for something else to do that could fit in alongside. I have been a keen crafter for many years. I was always on the look out for new and different crafts and skills. After seeing the famous video from The Edinburgh Casting last year I thought it would be good to have a go. So off I went on my casting journey. Towards the end of 2016 I made the decision to go professional with the casting and booked myself on a professional casting course with The Edinburgh Casting Studio. After completing the course I was absolutely hooked, even more so than I had been before doing the course. They gave me the final skills I required to refine and complete my casts. Some tips of the trade and the confidence to move forward. This is when Eternity Casting was born and the business began. I am now looking forward to working with couples, families, pregnant mummies and of course babies to cast your

memories for you to keep for a lifetime.

Certificate, The Edinburgh Casting Studio

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